Train Your Team

Fizz Training Academy can arrange on-site, accredited training for your team in the following courses:

Food Hygiene Courses

  • Highfield Level 2 & 3 Award in Food Allergen Awareness and Control in Catering (RQF)

  • Highfield Level 2 Award in HACCP for Catering (RQF)

  • Highfield Level 1, 2, 3 & 4 Award in Food Safety for Catering (RQF)

Health and Safety Courses

  • Highfield Level 2 Award in the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (RQF)

  • Highfield Level 1, 2 & 3 Award in the Principles of Health and Safety within the Workplace (RQF)

  • Highfield Level 2 & 3 Award in Risk Assessment (RQF)

First Aid for Mental Health Courses

  • FAA Award in Awareness of First Aid for Mental Health (Level 1 RQF/Level 4 SCQF)

  • FAA Award in First Aid for Mental Health (Level 2 RQF/Level 5 SCQF)

  • FAA Level 3 Award in Supervising First Aid for Mental Health (RQF)/Award in Leading First Aid for Mental Health at SCQF Level 6)

Looking for a specific course that might not be listed? Please get in touch with our team via our contact form below and we will be in touch to discuss your training needs.

What To Expect

Fizz Training Academy operates across the UK. After confirming a training plan with our sales team, one of our highly skilled trainers will travel to your site and train your team in any of our accredited qualification courses. We have worked with businesses across a number of different industries including hospitality, warehousing, retail and office environments.

Our team will work with you and aim to design a training solution that works around your availability, budget and business requirements. Sometimes this can be a blend of onsite training and eLearning. The trainer assigned to deliver your course will ensure the content is relatable and tailored to suit your work environment.

Meet Our Team


Terry Rothero- Training and Development Specialist

Terry is our lead trainer and has been working for Fizz Training Academy since the beginning.

Investing in training will result in much more than ensuring compliance standards are met. It can also see significant improvements to a team’s work productivity, increased safer working practices, a boost in staff morale and an enhanced experience for your customers.

Ben Curtis- Business Development Manager

Ben works closely with our business customers to make sure we organise training solutions that meet their requirements.

Training will not only benefit your employee’s day to day working life. It will also deliver real, lasting benefits to your business and its bottom line.”

Our Services

Accredited courses which can be delivered at your business site or a location arranged by Fizz

Business bundle rates across eLearning and on-site team training courses

1-2-1 consultation with our trainer which can be arranged via zoom or face to face.

Content creation for bespoke training needs.
This includes: Formulating process manuals,  new starter guides and completing risk assessments.


Additional Training Support

When working with Fizz Training Academy you can expect consistency and reliability. Therefore, we also offer a range of additional services to ensure your team remain compliant and knowledgeable throughout the year.

This includes:

Consultative Appointment with our trainer, either at your business site or via zoom

Generation of digital certificates and hard copy certificates for all learners

Helpdesk email where our support team can answer any queries your learners may have.

Post Training appointment with our support team

Exclusive early access to webinars and new releases of our eLearning courses

A dedicated account manager which works with you to future-proof your teams training goals.

Do you have an immediate need for training?
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